Two new genera of the Chonostrophiidae are proposed herein to accommodate the resupinate shells from the Famennian sediments of the Late Devonian in the Santanghu Basin of the Balikun area, Xinjiang Province, northwestern China. Santanghuia santanghuensis new genus and species is distinguishable from other chonostrophiids by the possession of a pair of long dorsal anderidia and absence of a dorsal median septum. Balikunochonetes liaoi new genus and species is distinct because of the presence of a pair of anderidia with secondary anderidia, and a dorsal median septum. Santanghuia new genus is considered to be phylogenetically related to Chonostrophia of late Early to Middle Devonian age, while Balikunochonetes has possibly given rise to Chonostrophiella of Early Devonian age and is a likely ancestor of Tulcumbella of Early Carboniferous age.

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