Seven genera and eight species of lingulate brachiopods are described from the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary beds (Cambrooistodus minutus Conodont Subzone to Rossodus manitouensis Conodont Zone) at the Lawson Cove and Lava Dam North sections, Ibex area, Utah, USA. The fauna includes one new linguloid genus, Wahwahlingula, and four new species, Lingulella? incurvata, Zhanatella utahensis, Conotreta millardensis, and Quadrisonia? lavadamensis. Lingulate brachiopods from this interval are very poorly known from Laurentia, but the recorded fauna is very similar to that described from coeval beds at Malyi Karatau, Kazakhstan, and both areas contain Eurytreta cf. bisecta (Matthew, 1901); E. sublata Popov, 1988; ZhanatellaKoneva, 1986; SchizambonWalcott, 1889; and Wahwahlingula. Eurytreta cf. bisecta is also known from the Lower Ordovician of Avalonian Canada, Britain, and Scandinavia.

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