Four new molluscan species, a bivalve and three gastropods, are named from shallow-marine, lower Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian Stage) strata in Oregon. The laternulid bivalve Cercomya (Cercomya) hesperia new species is from the Bernard Formation in east-central Oregon and from the Osburger Gulch Sandstone Member of the Hornbrook Formation in southwest Oregon. It is the first Cenomanian record of this genus.

The iteriid gastropods, Vernedia pacifica new species and Sogdianella oregonensis new species, are from unnamed Cenomanian strata in east-central Oregon and represent the first records of these genera in western North America. The actaeonellid gastropod Trochactaeon (Neocylindrites) allisoni new species from these same deposits represents the first record of this genus in Oregon.

The new species of Cercomya sensu stricto, Vernedia, and Neocylindrites are very similar to western European species, and the new species of Sogdianella is most similar to a Peruvian species.

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