The early radiation of Cetacea took place in the eastern Tethys region (Thewissen, 1998; Williams, 1998), and included the endemic Indo-Pakistani family Remingtonocetidae. In India, remingtonocetids are only known from Kachchh (=Kutch, Gujarat, western India), the classical marine middle Eocene sequence for the Indian subcontinent, which has yielded the genera Kutchicetus, Remingtonocetus, and Andrewsiphius (Sahni and Mishra, 1975; Kumar and Sahni, 1986; Bajpai and Thewissen, 1998). In Pakistan, two remingtonocetids, Remingtonocetus and Dalanistes, have been described by Gingerich et al. (1995) from the Sulaiman Range. A third genus, Attockicetus, is...

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