Gastropods that occur in the Anomalorthis brachiopod zone in the Spring Inlet Member of the Table Point Formation and in the Orthidiella brachiopod zone of the Shallow Bay Formation of the Cow Head Group are documented. Gastropods from western Newfoundland comprise part of the Toquima-Table Head fauna, and six of the seven genera described here are also found in Whiterockian strata of Nevada. Four species assigned to MonitorellaRohr, 1994, MacluritesLe Sueur, 1818, and MalayaspiraKobayashi, 1958, originally described by E. Billings in 1865 from Middle Ordovician (Whiterockian) strata of Newfoundland are revised. Five species of HelicotomaSalter, 1859, MalayaspiraKobayashi, 1958; LytospiraKoken, 1896; RossospiraRohr, 1994; and PachystrophiaPerner, 1903, not previously reported from Newfoundland are also described. The probable opercula of Monitorella crenulata (Billings, 1865), and Maclurites emmonsi (Billings, 1865), are also illustrated for the first time.

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