Phylogenetic analysis was used to evaluate evolutionary relationships within the Cambrian suborder Olenellina Walcott, 1890; special emphasis was placed on those taxa outside of the Olenelloidea. Fifty-seven exoskeletal characters were coded for 24 taxa within the Olenellina and two outgroups referable to the “fallotaspidoid” grade. The Olenelloidea, along with the genus GabriellusFritz, 1992, are the sister group of the Judomioidea Repina, 1979. The “Nevadioidea” Hupé, 1953 are a paraphyletic grade group. Four new genera are recognized, Plesionevadia, Cambroinyoella, Callavalonia, and Sdzuyomia, and three new species are described, Nevadia fritzi, Cirquella nelsoni, and Cambroinyoella wallacei. Phylogenetic parsimony analysis is also used to make predictions about the ancestral morphology of the Olenellina. This morphology most resembles the morphology found in Plesionevadia and Pseudojudomia Egorova in Goryanskii and Egorova, 1964.

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