An unusually diverse fauna of biserial graptolites has been recovered from the Kajrak and Urubulak formations in the Kurama Range of eastern Uzbekistan. The fauna consists of 26 distinct taxa, 24 of which are systematically described and illustrated. The entire fauna can be assigned to the Akidograptus ascensus–Parakidograptus acuminatus Biozone, which is earliest Rhuddanian (early Llandovery) in age. Within this biozone, however, three regionally distinguishable subzones can be recognized, the N. lubricus, A. cuneatus and H. sinitzini subzones. New taxa described are Normalograptus larini, Normalograptus skeliphrus,Paraclimacograptuskiliani kuramaensis,Glyptograptusjerini, and “Glyptograptusugurensis. New combinations described are Normalograptus acceptus (Koren' and Mikhaylova, 1980), Normalograptus bicaudatus (Chen and Lin, 1978), Normalograptus jideliensis (Koren' and Mikhaylova, 1980), Normalograptus lubricus (Chen and Lin, 1978), Normalograptus mirnyensis (Obut and Sobolevskaya, 1967), and Sudburigraptus illustris (Koren' and Mikhaylova, 1980).

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