The trilobite genus JujuyaspisKobayashi, 1936, an index fossil of earliest Ordovician age, is recorded from the Yosimuraspis Zone of the Mungok Formation (Lower Ordovician) for the first time in Korea. The Yosimuraspis Zone comprises Yosimuraspis vulgarisKobayashi, 1960; Jujuyaspis sinensis Zhou inChen et al., 1980; Elkanaspis jilinensis Qian inChen et al., 1985; and pilekid genus and species indeterminate. Closely comparable faunas to the Yosimuraspis Zone are well represented in North China. The occurrence of Jujuyaspis allows the correlation of the Yosimuraspis Zone with the earliest Ordovician faunas of North America, South America, and Scandinavia, and suggests that the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary in Korea be placed at the base of the Yosimuraspis Zone.

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