CALYPTRAEA ANTIQUAHowse (1848, 1858), based upon a plate from the Permian of England, was included in the Polyplacophora. King (1850) questioned this assignment since Calyptraea is a gastropod. Kirkby (1859) placed C. antiquus (Howse) in the genus ChitonellusLamarck, 1819 and described two new species from the Permian of England, C. hancockianus and C. distortus.Kirkby and Young (1867) described another taxon, C. subantiquus, from the Carboniferous of Scotland. Branson (1948) questioned the assignment of these species to the Polyplacophora. Smith and Hoare (1987) rejected them from the class. Kirkby also included other specimens in Chitonellus; these...

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