Until recently, paleontologists believed tentaculitids became extinct by the end of the Frasnian. Lyaschenko (1958) described the youngest occurrence of the genera Styliolina and Homoctenus from the Frasnian of Russia. However, in Europe and North Africa, Lardeux (1969) proposed that Homoctenus ultimus pergracilis persisted into the Famennian. Sauerland (1983) reported the occurrence in France of the genera Styliolina and Striatostyliolina in the cicatricosa ostracod Zone (Frasnian), and Homoctenus in the splendens ostracod Zone (Frasnian-Famennian, upper gigas—middle triangularis conodont Zones). The first report of Famennian tentaculitids in China was from the Dachang area in Guangxi Province, China by Li...

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