The lower part of the Shinarish Formation of Djebel Sinjar, northwest Iraq, yields an ammonite assemblage of Upper Campanian age dominated by heteromorph taxa: Nostoceras (Nostoceras) ellipticum new species, N. (N.)(?) budanyi Foldyna and Vašiček, 1977, N. (N.) cf. hyatti Stephenson, 1941, Exiteloceras(?) etequense Lewy, 1969, Didymoceras sp., unassigned nostoceratid fragments, Solenoceras reesidei Stephenson, 1941, and Lewyites oronensis (Lewy, 1969), together with the normally coiled Hauericeras (Gardeniceras) sp. Several of the species present also occur in the lower part of the Mishash Formation in Israel, in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, and as rarities in the U.S. Western Interior. All occurrences are compatible with an Upper Campanian attribution.

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