A new genus and species of clawed lobster, Jagtia kunradensis, is described from the Upper Cretaceous (Upper Maastrichtian) Kunrade Limestone facies of the Maastricht Formation, The Netherlands. Three nephropid lobster genera and at least three species (Oncopareia bredaiBosquet, 1854, sensu Tshudy, 1993, Oncopareia sp. Tshudy, 1993, Hoploparia beyrichiSchlüter, 1862, and Jagtia kunradensis) have now been collected from limestones of the Maastrichtian type area (southeastern Netherlands and northeastern Belgium). Cladistic methods were employed in re-evaluating the phylogenetic relationships of the nephropid lobsters, including Jagtia. These analyses indicate that Jagtia is part of a clade that includes the recent Thymops and Thymopsis. The new genus is the first fossil form to be closely allied with these deep-water genera.

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