An examination of Devonian through Pennsylvanian postibullinid edrioasteroids indicates the presence of two clades in the monophyletic subfamily Postibullinae, new subfamily. Postibulla is characterized by the presence of a posterior oral protuberance and a cover plate pattern with three primary plates and includes Postibulla legrandensis, P. lukei, P. keslingi, P. neglecta, and P. alabamaensis new species. Parapostibulla new genus is characterized by double biserial cover plates, the lack of the posterior oral protuberance, and an unusual hydro-gonopore, and includes Parapostibulla hybolopus (Fraunfelter and Utgaard, 1970), P. murphyi new species and Parapostibulla species A. Additional poorly-preserved edrioasteroids are illustrated from the Missourian and Virgilian of Kansas and Iowa that are the youngest known from North America.

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