A modest assemblage of hexactinellid and calcareous sponges from the Pennsylvanian (Moscovian) Dikanre Formation has been recovered from the Uygur Autonomous Region in eastern Xinjiang Province in northwestern China. Hexactinellids include the reticulosid Stereodictyum proteron Rigby and Washburn, 1972, and the new amphidiscosid species Stioderma sinensis, S. micra, and S. mega. This is the first time the genera Stereodictyum and Stioderma have been reported from Asia. Also included in the assemblage is a silicified porate permosphinctan, Amblysiphonella cf. barroisi Steinmann, 1882, which is the first report of that genus from northwestern China. Species of Stioderma are described from nearly complete specimens for the first time. Previously described species have been based on isolated spicules or relatively small fragments.

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