A distinctive trilobite fauna occurs within condensed stratigraphic sections of the Lower Mississippian (Tournaisian) Chappel Limestone of the Llano region of Texas, the Welden Limestone of Oklahoma, and the Chouteau Limestone of Union County, Illinois. The seven species comprising this fauna are interpreted to have inhabited sediment-starved basinal environments. The starved-basin facies existed in the south-central United States throughout the Tournaisian (Kinderhookian to Osagean). Two species from this fauna, Australosutura llanoensis, and Carbonocoryphe planucauda, are new. The remaining five species, Griffithidella doris (Hall), Griffithidella alternata (Girty), Carbonocoryphe depressa (Girty), Thigiffides roundyi (Girty), and Pudoproetus chappelensis (Hessler), are restricted to starved-basin facies.

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