Sinodora n. gen., a unique inequivalved Lower and Middle Devonian anomalodesmatan pelecypod, is most readily interpreted by comparison with Cenozoic pandoracean anomalodesmatans. At present, this Devonian burrowing pelecypod is known only from Guangxi, China. The new family Sinodoridae and three new species, Sinodora concava, S. semiglabra, and S. bisulcata are described. Tentatively, the Sinodoridae is placed in the superfamily Pholadomyacea. All known species of Sinodora occur in mudstones or limy mudstones. The problematic Lower Devonian genus Paleodora Fleming from New Zealand is evaluated and considered to be an anomalodesmatan, possibly belonging to the Grammysiidae.--Modified journal abstract.

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