The atrypoid family Punctatrypidae (n. fam.) is characterized by a shell with concentric rows of perforations (fenestrae) which are suggested to have accommodated sensory setae. This group was most widespread and diverse during the Emsian, but had its origins in the Gedinnian (Lochkovian) and disappeared by the end of Eifelian time. Most appear to have been reef and perireef inhabitants, being especially abundant and diverse in the Ural to Tien Shan regions in probable island arc or offshore carbonate habitats. A new subgenus, Sinopunctatrypa (type species S. saetulosa n. sp.) and a new species Punctatrypa (Undatrypa) bellatula are described from Southwest China. Relationships to other described taxa, e.g., Punctatrypa (Fossatrypa), Punctspinatrypa and Crassipunctatrypa are reviewed. A new subfamily Crassipunctatrypinae is proposed for Crassipunctatrypa.--Journal abstract.

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