Conodonts were extracted from 32 samples of limestone and 5 samples of chert obtained from the Western Paleozoic and Triassic belt of the Klamath Mountains province. Triassic conodonts were found in 17 samples, and late Paleozoic conodonts in 7 samples. Conodonts of the remaining 13 samples cannot be dated more closely than early or middle Paleozoic through Triassic. The late Paleozoic conodonts are restricted to the North Fork and Hayfork terranes. The Hayfork terrane also contains Early, Middle, and Late Triassic conodonts; mostly Neogondolella. Conodonts from samples of the Rattlesnake Creek terrane and the northern undivided part of the belt are all Late Triassic and are generally Epigondolella. The conodont data support the concept that many of the limestone bodies are olistoliths or tectonic blocks in melange. Color alteration of the conodonts indicates that the rocks of the Western Paleozoic and Triassic belt have been heated to temperatures between 300 degrees and 500 degrees C during regional tectonism.--Journal abstract.

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