In two late Norian (Triassic) spiriferinacean brachiopods, Spondylospira lewesensis (Lees, 1934) and Spondylospira parmata n. sp., a multipartite complex of punctated plates forms a previously undescribed structure (herein termed the cooperculum) that covers most of the ventral interarea. It leaves the apex of the valve free, and this and other features of the shells suggest that both forms possessed functional pedicles. Paleoenvironmental reconstructions should take this possibility into account. Spondylospira reesidei Cooper (1942) is placed in synonymy with S. lewesensis, and it is shown that Spirifera (Spiriferina) alia Hall and Whitfield (1877) lacks a spondylium and cannot be assigned to the genus Spondylospira.--Journal abstract.

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