Six species of aporrhaid gastropods from the California Cretaceous are described and discussed. These are: Gymnarus manubriatus (Gabb), the American representative of a genus widely distributed in the Indo-Pacific Cretaceous; Arrhoges califorincus (Gabb), here referred to the subgenus Latiala Sohl, known widely in both Eastern and Western hemispheres in Cretaceous time; and Pyktes Popenoe, new genus found in Turonian beds in the Rocky Mountains and in Turonian to Maestrichtian in California. New species of Pyktes here described are Pyktes daiphron Popenoe (Turonian); P. aspris Popenoe (Coniacian); and P. triphyllon Popenoe (Santonian), which with P. hamulus (Gabb) are considered to form a genetic sequence.--Modified journal abstract.

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