The new genus Perryspirifer is closely related to Fimbrispirifer Cooper, 1942, Elymospirifer Wang, 1974, Vandercammenina Boucot, 1975 and Struveina Boucot, 1975. Analysis of these brachiopods and, in particular, of the type material of Fimbrispirifer, Elymospirifer and Perryspirifer suggests that the greatest emphasis should be placed on the style of ribbing (simple versus bifurcating), the presence or absence of crural plates and the style of the micro-ornamentation. Of lesser importance is the presence or absence of secondary calcite in the umbonal cavities of the shells. The spiriferid Perryspirifer scheii is common in the Eids, Blue Fiord and Bird Fiord formations of Southwest Ellesmere Island and appears to be restricted to Lower and Middle Devonian strata. To date, "Howellella" smithi n. sp. has been found only in the upper part of the Eids Formation on Ellesmere Island.--Journal abstract.

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