New collections include excellent, nearly complete, examples of Leptomitus metta n. sp., Hamptonia bowerbanki Walcott, 1920, Choia carteri Walcott, 1920, Choia utahensis Walcott, 1920, Choia hindei (Dawson, 1896), Hazelia palmata Walcott, 1920, Diagoniella cyathiformis (Dawson and Hinde, 1889), Diagoniella hindei Walcott, 1920, Diagoniella sp., Valospongia gigantis n. gen. and n. sp., Testiipongia venula n. gen. and n. sp., and Protospongia(?) elongata n. sp. Most of the earlier described species have been known previously only from western Canada or from the underlying Wheeler Formation. Many of the sponges show primitive thin walls and a tubular or high conical form. An additional specimen of Hintzespongia bilamina Rigby and Gutschick (1976) confirms that the genus has a double-layered wall.--Modified journal abstract.

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