Gladigondolella meeki n. sp., a stratigraphically significant Lower Triassic conodont, is defined by a laterally and downwardly deflected, free, posterior process, a narrow groove extending to the elongate basal pit, and a prominent keel continuing past the pit to the end of the posterior process. Gladigondolella meeki also has some affinity with the genus Neogondolella, and may be a descendant from that lineage. All known occurrences of Gladigondolella meeki are confined to the lower limestone member, or equivalent strata, of the Lower Triassic Thaynes Formation in northeastern Nevada, northern Utah, and southeastern Idaho. This newly recognized form defines a subzone within a refined Lower Triassic conodont zonation. The greatest abundance of G. meeki is coincident with the Meekoceras-bearing beds of the Thaynes Formation.--Modified journal abstract.

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