A section of rock of Anisian age in Guizhou Province, southwest China, has yielded a well-preserved gastropod fauna from shale and marl; a few specimens have been found in overlying Ladinian strata. Seventeen species of Pleurotomariacea are present, mostly represented by one to three specimens that are assigned to six genera or subgenera; one homonym is replaced. Typical Worthenia are found; allied species are assigned to a new subgenus. Glabrocingulum (Ananias) and Glyptotomaria (Glyptotomaria) are recorded for the first time in the Triassic. Murchisoniacea are represented by two genera, each having a single species. The fauna shows close taxonomic association with that of western Europe, eight of the species having been described from that area. Conversely, these gastropods show no affinity to faunas from the southern side of Tethys.--Journal abstract.

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