The new name Vermiforichnus clarkei n.gen. n.sp. is proposed for worm-borings in pelecypod shells in the Middle Devonian Marcellus Shale of central New York. The name Palaeosabells prisca (McCoy) was mistakenly applied to these borings by Clarke (1921), but the generic name was later designated a junior subjective synonym of Topsentia Clarke, 1921, a Paleozoic sponge-boring. A specimen of the soft-bodied polychaete annelid that may have made the borings was found in one of them and described by Cameron (1967); the name Vermiforafacta rollinsi n.gen n.sp. is here proposed for the worm. Two names are warranted because of questionable relationship between worm and boring and because criteria for defining species of body fossils are somewhat different from those for trace fossils.

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