Seven conodont faunal assemblages are recognized in upper Scythic, Anisic, Ladinic, and lower Carnic strata in western North America; six faunal assemblages are recognized from strata of approximately the same interval in Europe. The faunas consist of 17 genera (7 new) and 62 species (17 new). Although apparently limited in their value for intercontinental correlation, these assemblages may be useful for intraregional stratigraphic work. Three new conodont assemblage zones are recognized in the upper Carnic and Noric of both Europe and North America, which seem to have worldwide validity: Paragondolella polygnathiformis Assemblage Zone (upper Carnic), Epigondollella abneptis Assemblage Zone (lower Noric), and E. bidentata Assemblage Zone (upper Noric).

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