'Zoophycos' are fossil prostomia of sedentary marine worms (Annelida, Sedentaria) from the family Sabellidae. The evidence presented in this study is based on a detailed investigation of the imprints of these worms observed in the Czechoslovakia Carpathians. In consideration of specimens collected in the Carpathians and literature studied, a classification of fossil sabellids, based on the morphology of their prostomial parts, reveals three genera (Zoophycos Massalongo 1951, Palaeospira Plicka 1964, Spirographis Viviani 1805) and five species. In this study one new genus (Palaeospira) and two new species (P. ensigera and Spirographis carpatica) are proposed. The occurrence of fossil prostomial parts of Sabellidae is analogous to that of recent sabellid worms and indicates a shallow-water marine environment with very rapid sedimentation.

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