The nonagnostidean trilobite fauna of the lower part of Bed 3 of the type section of the Upper Cambrian Gorge Formation is assignable to the Dunderbergia Zone which has not previously been recognized in Vermont. Eleven species and one subspecies are formally recognized; three cranidia and three pygidia are unassigned. A new family, Phoreotropididae, is erected; two new genera, Bigranulella and Punctaspis, are recognized; nine new species, Paraphoreotropis vermontensis, Pterocephalops tuberculineata, Olenaspella angularis, Dunderbergia directifrons, Bellaspis longifrons, Quebecaspis hemispherica, Bigranulella latigenae, Oligometopus vermontensis, and Punctaspis crassimargo, are established; and Quebecaspis marylandica tuberculata is erected as a new subspecies.

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