Pleistocene fossils were found on two marine terraces having shoreline angle elevations of 130 feet and 25 to 30 feet on Santa Barbara Island, California. They include 22 species of foraminifera, 92 of mollusks, 3 of ostracodes, a stony coral, and 2 vertebrates from the lower terrace, and 30 species of foraminifera, 19 of mollusks, and 14 of ostracodes from the higher terrace. Both assemblages were deposited along open coasts, on gravelly substrates and probably in depths of between 10 and 20 feet. The upper terrace association resembles those described from terrace localities that lie above 100 feet on other California Channel Islands. An age close to Yarmouthian or Aftonian is suggested for the higher island terraces, and one of Sangamonian for the lower terraces.

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