The following points are made in correction of statements on Cuban stratigraphy by Eames and others (Cambridge, England, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1962): The Tinguaro Formation overlies middle and upper Eocene beds without unconformity. The '(Finca) Adelina marls' are not a separate unit but the upper part of the Tinguaro Formation. Supposedly Aquitanian radiolarian marls are unknown to the author; all such formations are Eocene or older. The Jaruco Formation lies below the Paso Real Formation and is not equivalent to it in age. The 'Yamuri (= Guines) Limestone' does not contain an abundant fauna of larger benthonic foraminifers and is thought to be the same age as the Paso Real Formation. The Oligocene is not unrepresented in Cuba, as Eames suggests, but is represented by the Tinguaro Formation

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