The names Ogilviella and Davidsoniatrypa are proposed for two new atrypid brachiopods from Lower Devonian beds of Royal Creek, northern Yukon. Ogilviella, a carinatininiid from beds of Siegenian age, is a coarsely costate, rotund form with a pedicle fold and brachial sulcus and possesses dental lamellae only during its early ontogenetic stages. Davidsoniatrypa, a probable carinatininiid from upper Siegenian beds, is a flattened, shield-shaped form with a pedicle fold and brachial sulcus, and dorsoventrally directed spiralled cones on the pedicle floor. Internally, Davidsoniatrypa strongly resembles the supposed davidsoniid genus Biconostrophia, but because of its impunctate shell structure, deltidial plates and shell ornamentation, is best assigned to the atrypaceans. Two new species O. rotunda and D. johnsoni are described and designated as type species for the two genera.

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