Reclassification within the family Hughmilleriidae is proposed on the basis of morphological information gained through study of a new collection of eurypterids from the [Upper] Silurian rocks of West Virginia. Two new genera, Pittsfordipterus (type species: Hughmilleria phelpsae Ruedemann 1919, Vernon Shale of New York) and Bassipterus (type species: Bassipterus virginicus n. gen., n. sp., Wills Creek Formation of West Virginia), are proposed. Drepanopterus nodosus n. sp., Erettopterus (Truncatiramus) exopthalmus n. sp., morphological details of Waeringopterus cumberlandicus cumberlandicus (Swartz) and Parahughmilleria bellistriata (Kjellesvig-Waering) are described and illustrated. Measured sections of the Wills Mountain, Elkhorn Mountain and Hanging Rock Anticlines are included.

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