Fusulinids from approximately 2,500 feet of Morrowan (Pennsylvanian) through Wolfcampian (Permian) rocks are exposed in Arrow Canyon. The Morrowan and older fusulinids are noted but not described. Atokan fusulinids include Paramillerella, Millerella, Profusullinella, and Fusulinella; Desmoinesian fusulinids include Wedekindellina, Fusulina, Eoschubertella, and Bartramella; Missourian fusulinids include Pseudofusulinella, Oketaella, and Triticites; Virgilian fusulinids are all Triiticites; and Wolfcampian fusulinids include Triticites, Oketaella, Schwagerina, Pseudofusulina(?), and Pseudoschwagerina.

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