Several collections of fossils containing 17 named and 4 unnamed species form the basis for reviewing fauna of the St. Albans Shale. These appear to warrant recognition of the Paradoxides forchammeri Zone in the upper part; strata in the lower 30 feet are of pre-forchammeri age and probably belong to the upper Paradoxides davidis Zone, not hitherto recognized in Vermont. Discovery of widespread Atlantic Province species Meneviella venulosa (Salter), 1865, assists in this assignment. One new family, Onchonotopsididae, is proposed to receive Onchonotopsis and Maatania, genera erected by Rasetti in 1946. 'Alokistocarella' albansana is the only new species nammed. More complete descriptions are presented for Centropleura vermontensis Howell, 1932, and Onchonotopsis pergibba Rasetti, 1946.

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