Recently acquired crinoids from the Pottsvillean Series of eastern Kentucky demonstrate a close relationship with species from the Morrowan Series of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas. Three forms are identified from the Kendrick beds, Breathitt Formation, as Paragassizocrinus cf. P. disculus Strimple, P. cf. P. turris Strimple, formerly known only from the Wapanucka Limestone, and Metacromyocrinus oklahomensis (Moore and Plummer), previously reported from the Bloyd Formation, Wapanucka Limestone, and basal part of the Marble Falls Limestone. A new species is Paragassizocrinus kendrickensis. The genus Diphuicrinus Moore and Plummer is redefined on the basis of additional information, and D. patina n. sp. is described. A new family, Diphuicrinidae, is proposed.

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