Conodonts are abundant in the middle part of the Middle Triassic Prida Formation at two localities in the vicinity of Fossil Hill in the Humboldt Range of northwestern Nevada. The fauna represented consists of 10 genera and 23 species of which Gondolella constricta and Hibbardella acroforme are new. The conodont species are correlated with each of 12 subzones of the Gymnotoceras Ammonoid Zone recognized in the Fossil Hill area. Conodonts of the Prida Formation are the same as those described from rocks of equivalent age in Europe. Review of published Triassic conodont reports indicates that at least six distinct conodont faunas are found in Lower through Upper Triassic rocks of this country and Europe. A new genus, Enantiognathus, is proposed to include four species previously assigned to the genus Apatognathus Branson and Mehl.

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