Bowen (1953) selected Cythereis prestwichiana as the type species of his genus Trachyleberidea but had mistakenly taken specimens of C. aranea for C. prestwichiana. Hazel considers these species to represent two separate genera, and concludes that Trachyleberidea is a valid but undiagnosed genus based on C. prestwichiana, and that the diagnosis originally given by Bowen for Trachyleberidea describes another unnamed genus which includes C. aranea and other related species. He presents a diagnosis for the genus Trachyleberidea, and disagrees with Morkhoven's placement of Trachyleberidea in synonymy with Costa.A Senomian-Paleogene genus has close affinity with Trachyleberidea and consists of such species as Cythereis hannai, C. ivii, and C. pamlicoensis.

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