Thirteen new species of cytheracean Ostracodes are described from Austinian and lower Tayloran deposits of central, north-central, and northeast Texas and southwest Arkansas. The families represented are: Cytherideidae, Cytheruridae, Trachyleberididae, Brachycytheridae, and, with question, Hemicytheridae. Genera are: Schuleridea, Orthonotacythere, Acrocythere, Phacorhabdotus, Veenia, Brachycythere, Pteryqocythereis and Bradleya. Some apparent phylomorphogenic trends in the genus Phacorhabdotus2 are discussed and the muscle scar patterns for several species of the genera Brachycythere and Pteryqocythereis are discussed and illustrated. The homonym, Cythere subconcentrica Alexander, 1929 (not Jones, 1884) is given Brachycythere texana.

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