Two superfamilies of Atrypoidea, separated on structure of brachidium, are the Dayiacea (apices directed laterally of ventrally) with families Kayseriidae n. fam., Anoplothecidae, and Leptocoeliidae, and the Atrypacea (apices directed medially or dorsomedially). Subfamilies are given for the smooth Atrypacea in family Lissatrypidae and ribbed Atrypidae. New suborder Retzioidea contains punctate superfamily Retziacea (with new genus Leptospira) and impunctate Athyrisinacea. New suborder Athyridoidea contains superfamily Athyridacea subfamilies Meristellinae (new genus Charionoides) Meristinae, Camarophorellinae, Hindellinae, and Family Athyrididae (new subfamily Protathyridinea and new genus Septathyris) and Superfamily Koninckinacea.

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