From the Pella Formation, Mississippian, at five localities in south-central Iowa, 25 named conodont species are described, representing the genera Cavusgnathus, Gnathodus, Hibbardella, Hindeodus n. gen. (type species Trichonodella imperfecta), Lambdagnathus, Ligonodina, Magnilaterella, Neoprioniodus, Ozarkodina, Spathognathodus, and Synprioniodina. The fauna also includes unnamed representatives of Hindeodella, Lonchodina, and Metalonchodina. The assemblage is placed in the Gnathodus bilineatus-Cavusgnathus characta Assemblage Zone of the Mississippi Valley; within this zone, correlation with the Ste. Genevieve Limestone is most likely. Ten species and two genera besides Hindeodus are listed for the Pella Formation for the first time.

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