Reptile footprints occur in the Sloan Canyon Formation of the Dockum Group in the Cimarron Valley of northeastern New Mexico. Forms represented include ?Anomoepus, possibly an early ornithischian dinosaur; cf. Anchisauripus hitchcocki, a small coelurosaurian dinosaur; and Rhynchosauroides [Akropus], probably a sphenodontid rhynchocephalian or a lizard. No bones of lacertoid reptiles or undoubted ornithischians from the American Late Triassic have yet been described. The Sloan Canyon fauna compares with the Brunswick faunas of the Newark Group in eastern North America, Rhynchosauroides [Collettosaurus] palmatus (Lull) [= Eurichnus jenseni Lull] from the Chugwater of Wyoming, R. [Kintneria] brunswickii (Ryan and Willard) [ = orthodactylus howelli Bock] from the Brunswick of Pennsylvania, and R. Chirotherium] peabodyi (Faber) from the Muschelkalk of the Netherlands are redescribed for comparison.

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