Among specimens collected many years ago by the senior author and his students near Mill Springs, Kentucky, are a new species of Agaricocrinus and a new species of Actinocrinites. Although only one specimen of each is known, it is well preserved. The new Agaricocrinus bears a resemblance to A. ponderosus Wood, and the new Actinocrinites to 4 species described by Miller & Gurley: A. spergenesis, A. botruosus, A. gibsoni, and A. sharonensis. A preliminary survey of species assigend to Agaricocrinus suggests that revision of the genus is overdue. Although the occurrence of the specimens leaves some doubt as to their stratigraphic position, we conclude that they both probably weathered from the Fort Payne Formation and rolled down the slope onto the New Providence, where they were found. The sites where the crinoids were picked up are now deeply inundated by water impounded by the Wolf Creek dam on the Cumberland River.

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