Stromatoporoids in great abundance occur in the reefal Swan Hills member of the Beaverhill Lake Formation beneath the plains of N.-central Alberta. The stromatoporoids from cores of wells in the Swan Hills, Deer Mountain, and Kaybob fields were studied. The stromatoporoid fauna of the Swan Hills member has few species in common with the faunas of correlative formations in the Rocky Mountains or at the border of the Canadian Shield. The stromatoporoids indicate an age of late Middle or early Late Devonian. New species of Trupetostroma (T. cervimontanum, T. pseudopingue), Stachyodes (S. spongiosum, S. thomasclarki), Stromatopora (S. cygnea), and Ferestromatopora (F. contexta) are described. Fifteen species in all are described.

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