Fragments of the pelecypod Buchia similar to B. concentrica (Sowerby) of late Oxfordian to early Kimmeridgian age have been found in the Santa Monica Slate in the Santa Monica Mountains. A small molluscan faunule from the Bedford Canyon Formation of the Santa Ana Mountains contains the early Callovian ammonite Macrocephalites. With it occur the ammonites Hecticoceras (Sublunluloceras?) sq. ind., Partischiceras cf. P. grantzi Imlav, Holcophylloceras sp. juv., and Lytoceras? sp. juv. Associated pelecypods include Posidonia ornati Quenstedt and "Daonella" sanctae-anae Smith, is described. These fossils show that the metamorphosed rocks in which they occur are equivalent to the metamorphosed rocks of early Late Jurassic age that crop out near the base of the Sierra Nevada between Butte and Madera counties, California.

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