Thirty-seven species, referable to 20 or 25 conodont genera, are described and illustrated from the early Porterfield Pratt Ferry Formation of Alabama. The condont fauna indicates close correlation with the Crassicauda limestone of Sweden and equivalent Swedish shales in the Upper Llandeilian Subzone of Climacograptus haddingi. One new genus (Haddingodus) is erected, and 12 species (Acontiodus cooperi, Belodina alabamensis, Coelocerodontus digonius, Lignodina tortilis, Polypacognathus rutriformis, Roundya bispicata, R. pyramidalis, Scandodus unistriatus, Scolopodus giganteus, S. varicostatus, and Tetraprioniodus lindstroemi) are named and described for the first time. Three new species are recognized, but not named.

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