Western Canadian Permo-Carboniferous tabulate corals belonging to the favositid Pleurodictyum, Michelinia and ?Favosites, and the auloporid Multithecopora and ?Syringopora are described and figured. Mississippian species are Pleurodictyum expansum (White) and P. meekanum (Girty)? from the Kinderhookian-Osagean Banff and Chesterian Etherington formations, respectively, of the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains. Permo-Pennsylvanian species are from the northern Yukon Territory. These are Michelinia harkeri n. sp. and the Chinese Multithecopora penchiensis Yoh? from the Upper Pennsylvanian? Lower Limestone unit, and Favosites? stuarti n. sp. and Syringopora sp.? from the Leonardian (Lower Permian Tahkandit formation equivalents.

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