The fauna of the Ely Group consists largely of a prolific association of spiriferid and productid brachiopods. The association of fossils in the Ely Group is considered to be Atokan to early Des Moinesian in age. Transitional elements from the Mississippian are rare. Diaphragmus fasciculatus (McChesney) occurs above Atokan fusulinids and cannot be considered indicative of only Mississippian age as it generally has been hitherto. The fauna of the Ely Group in the Illipah quadrangle is described. One genus, 5 species, and one subspecies are described as new. These comprise Rhipidomella elyensis, n. sp., Cranaena minuta n. sp., Antiquatoni n. sp., Lissomarginifera nuda, n. gen. and n. sp., Hustedia rotunda, n. sp., and Husteida miseri gibbosa, n. subsp.

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