During late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic time, pollen with airsacs (saccate types) underwent an explosive surge of evolution. Saccate pollen dominates most late Paleozoic spore-pollen microfloras, with bisaccate pollen frequently forming 50% or more of such assemblages, especially in nonmarine shales. Bisaccate pollen from 20 samples is described. The samples are Late Pennsylvanian. Early Permian, and middle Permian in age and are from Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. Most samples are shales. The pollen is identified with the genera: Complexisporites, n. gen., Striatites, Striatosaccites, n. gen., Vesicaspora, Alisporites, and Platysaccus. Three new species are described: Complexisporites polymorphus, Striatosaccites perisporites, and Alisporites plicatus.

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