The plant fossil described by Knowlton as Ficus ceratops [Cretaceous [Cretaceous-Tertiary] differs from fig fruits in several respects. The 2-layered pericarp wall, coarse striations at the base of the globose portion of the specimens, and the collar at the proximal end of the stalk are not characteristic of Ficus fruits. These morphological features are evident, however, on fruits of Guarea (Meliaceae). The outer pericarp wall of some specimens can be removed, revealing a structure similar to Carpolithus sp. Brown. Brown's specimens, therefore, are considered to represent the internal contents of Knowlton's F. ceratops surrounded by the inner pericarp wall. On basis of the above considerations, the following new combination is proposed: Guarea ceratops (Knowlton) Comb. Nov. The synonyms include: Palmocarpon sp. Knowlton, F. ceratops Knowlton, F. russellii Knowlton, Carpolithus sp. Brown. The fossil specimens appear most similar to the modern G. chichon C. DC. of the American tropics.

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