Forty-three species of trilobites belonging to 28 genera, 12 species of brachiopods belonging to 8 genera, and 1 species of gastropod are described from the Morgan Creek, Point Peak, and San Saba members of the Wilberns Formation in the Llano uplift. Systematic descriptions include 1 new trilobite genus: Stigmacephaloides (type, S. curvabilis, n. sp.); 6 other new trilobite-species: Monocheilus truncatus, Rasettia magna, Parabolinoides granulosus, Conaspis masonensis, C. testudinatus, Keithiella scrupulosa; 1 new brachiopod genus: Pseudodicellomus (type, P. mosaicus); 2 new brachiopod species: Billingsella rhomba, B. texana; and 1 new brachiopod subspecies: Billingsella corrugata inornata. Neotypes are designated for Angulotrea microscopica (Shumard) and Billingsella coloradoensis (Shumard). Four trilobite genera are placed in synonomy: Meeria Frederickson (with Idahoia), Minkella Lochman & Hu (with Saratogia), Frederickson (with Parabolinoides , Bemaspis Frederickson (with Taenicephalus). All illustrations are stereographic.

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